Sunday, 22 August 2010

Better late than never

I never got the chance to write or comment on the 2010 Dutch Fly Fair I attended in May, to busy with the family, work, or whatever. This year as usual super support from the organization, good programs (an exceptionally good one on Irish Sea Trout by Chris McCully), fantastic tying, simply a good time.
When I drove to the fair I had a small infected wound on my hand and didn't think too much of it and kept it covered and clean. I woke up at 05:30 Saturday morning with severe pain in my arm and saw a red line from the wound going up my arm. Great! Blood poisoning on the first day of the fair! I went to the reception desk and asked for some information and they kindly gave me the telephone number of a local Dutch clinic. I called and got an appointment for 09:00 (the fair begins at 10:00) and went to breakfast. I saw Chris there and told him of the situation and he offered to go with me and help with translations if needed. We arrived early and as usual the receptionist spoke neither english or german. Chris quickly assisted and I went in and saw the doctor. After a quick discussion and examination with broken english I came out with a prescription for antibiotics and pain killer. We arrived at the fair grounds around 09:45 with just enough time to get started! What I want to say here is THANK YOU CHRIS! That you took your time help me meant a lot! And then to compliment me in your article, people like you are seldom today. When you are finally finished with your world travels let me know so we can spend a day or two fishing, Thanks for being a friend.