Saturday, 18 August 2012

Morrish Mouse (Mice)

Hopefully cool weather will be coming soon as I have no interest in fishing with 32-36 degrees C!  I did go twice last week and got 3 small perch on the river with the Mickey Finn lipped Clouser I tied in rehab.  I also got a single larger perch on the pond using a big crayfish imitation.

The river is looking real good now and if it cools down a little I want to swing some mouse flies not only for pike, but wels and big brown trout!

I made a few variations, the deer hair version has 3mm foam covered on top with matching "Furry Foam".  The fur versions using rabbit and muskrat zonkers wrapped over a chenille base, the foam is 6mm and treated with Exterior Delta Ceramcoat.