Thursday, 18 October 2012

Crease and Foam Fly Coatings

To start off I am or have copied saltyh20fly's (Stripers Online member) version of a "School Bus Crease fly for use here.

 I wanted to test a few products for coating Crease and foam flies that would;
  1. 1) be flexible
  2. 2) dry quickly
  3. 3) not be too heavy.
I will only mention one product name here, Delta Ceramcoat Sealer and Exterior Varnish!  It did by far better than UV coatings (too heavy), water based fly varnishes (heavy coats took up to a day and a half to harden!), and last rubber/plastic dip products (too many solvents and did not dry clear).  I learned about the Delta products from someone coating foam popper heads with them.  First the sealer is applied then after 30 minutes the exterior varnish can be applied.  The exterior varnish must be applied 3 times each with 30 minute intervals.  The Delta fly is the one lower right.


The hooks I used?  You just don't find them like this anymore.  No one makes a fine wire hook with the strength of these!  They won't bend and it take a lot to break one (more than the strength of your leader!).  I got lucky when I found them and bought a few hundred.  If you can find them, buy them!